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Fragments of Genesis (also known as FOG)

A sci-fi adventure game filled with puzzles, mystery and a little bit of humor.

Short Description:

An evil plot to escape a desolate planet brings together the unfortunate few who were cast aside.








Game Developer:
Tsuyoi Raion


Hello my name is Jeremy Solares a.k.a Tsuyoi Raion and I have been making games for 10 years now, as an avid gamer myself I knew game design was something I was highly interested in doing.

Once I began teaching myself everything I needed to know to build websites, make promo videos and things of that nature, it was only a matter of time before game development became my passion!

Diving in 10 years ago I learned from online tutorials or trial & error, being self taught gives you the distinct advantage of not being locked in a creative box, something I continuously utilize!

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