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Without further ado I finally present to you, a new alpha build for the game! Over the past few months I have been working tirelessly on upgrading the game, adding in missing features and making it an overall smooth and enjoyable experience. While there has been plenty of ups and downs, I am really happy with the current progress and am ready to start pushing the game again!

Before releasing the new alpha build I felt the game really needed something and that was this website! So I spent a few days building the site and getting things together for promotion but something was missing… something important. Ah yes! A new promo video to promote the game ^_^ Funny enough the first promo video got a lot of complaints that it “didn’t show in game footage” but the fact is that all the footage shown was in game, so it was odd yet amusing to hear people complain about something yet be totally wrong lol

So with this new promo video I went a different direction, I removed all “interactions” scenes as to keep the promo video more of an “atmospheric” presentation, I did this to avoid the complaints about what in game footage was being shown as well as it felt to me like a great way to present the game.

Here it is!



A list of the changes:

– Widescreen 16:9 resolution added
– Complete re-work of all maps
– In game achivements added
– Complete re-work of all interaction choices
– New maps, cutscenes, puzzles and interactions.
– Cutscenes upgraded (particles, sound effects, etc.)
– Hint button added (shows hint indicators on map)
– Instructions for hint and gameplay
– Complete re-work of all dialogue
– Complete re-work for gaining items
– Complete re-work for interaction actions
– Complete re-work for inventory display
– On screen inventory interactable (click to get description)
– Complete re-work for keyboard, mouse and gamepad input
– Complete re-work for title, save/load and options scenes
– Custom save/load scene added
– Added particles to maps for necessary objects/events (fire barrel, slime barrel, generators, etc.)
– More!

As you can see there’s been some major changes to the game and while there’s still a bunch more to do, i am definitely making a good amount of progress ^_^ Let’s go over some of the upgrades.


In Game Achievements

As far as in game achievements go I actually considered waiting until the game got through greenlight to use steams built in achievements, it was an idea but more of an excuse to not put one in the game in the meantime. Laziness never pays off! After I polished everything else in the game I went back to the achievements idea and put it in without hesitation, I can happily say I am happy I did as it changes the overall feel of the game, adding that one thing that pulls the whole game together.


New Maps Added

The entire game itself will be 4 episodes long, one episode for each level of the ship, so far I am 50% complete with the first floor and 10% complete with the second floor so there’s still a lot to be done but what is currently available is enough to keep anyone playing for 30-60 minutes. Since it’s still in alpha stages the game of course will not be complete and only show so much but as progress continues I share a bit here and there. Here’s a few videos showing some new maps:


This is a new puzzle and area for the exterior of the main ship, there will be more puzzles like this along the way, varying in difficulty and presentation.



Here’s a video showing some rooms on the 2nd floor I am working on, this is an old video and does not show the latest upgrades/additions.



This video shows the pre-credits intro cutscene that displays at the very beginning of the game.



Here’s another video, this one displays the credits intro you see at the beginning of the game.



Last but not least a short instructions scene for displaying in game hints!




In-Game Hints

In game hints is a thing that most games have and while not all of them have it, I felt like it would be a good addition for those not used to playing games of this type. You can call the in game hint arrows at any time by pressing the hint button on the keyboard or gamepad, with the mouse hint show when you hold down the middle mouse button. The hint button simply displays arrows for the most common things you can interact with but it by no means shows you every interactable object, thus giving you hints but not holding your hand throughout the game.


There’s plenty more to cover but i’ll leave it at that for now, all of this has been an incredible amount of work and I am just happy to finally have so much done and available for the public to play!

If you’ve read this far thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the new alpha!

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